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         All heirloom tomatoes are available in mixed 5kg cartons or 10kg crates,              or as individual varieties.

Vintner’s Merlot

Just like a fine wine, this heirloom tomato is elegant and smooth in flavour, and compliments an endless array of dishes. The skin is an attractive blend of merlot red and forest green stripes akin to a painterly masterpiece. Growing to a full-bodied 500g these generous sized heirlooms can be. enjoyed fresh in salads and sandwiches, layered in burgers, or roasted and filled with a medley of cheeses and herbs.


Tangerine Dream

With an extraordinary shade of orange our Tangerine Dream is also a chef’s dream. A neon flesh, firm texture and rich tomato taste, this 300g fruit is perfect for slicing fresh whilst also ideal for cooking because the intense colour does not fade or discolour when cooked.


Green Streak

The envy of any dish, our Green Streak heirloom tomato is a crowd favourite with its chartreuse skin and streaks of deep lime green. Tangy and tart to the bite, with a touch of spice, this striking green-fleshed tomato weighs in at 200-300g making it the perfect accompaniment for bringing out your greatest culinary streak.


Little Black Dress

Spruce life up with these spectacular little numbers. Destined to turn heads, these round deep-indigo tomatoes are sweet, delicious and perfect for dressing up any salad (or popping straight in your mouth for a little treat). 30-50g but packed with flavour, these aromatic stunners grow in beautiful pendant clusters and contain high levels of the naturally occurring antioxidant found in blueberries.


French Kiss

Pucker up for these delectable heart shaped heirlooms with beautiful external ribbing in deep true red. Descending from France, this variety is very popular in French cuisine due to its firm flesh and alluring shape. Medium in size these tomatoes taste just like a French Kiss, but better!


Ivory Icon

Impress with these exquisite tasting, creamy skinned heirlooms. With a porcelain glow these iconically unique and rare specimens are an incredible balance of acidity and sweetness. At 200g, these pearly white tomatoes will certainly dazzle.


Esmerelda’s Choice

She’s exotic. She’s enticing. She’s Esmerelda’s Choice. A truly unique heirloom with a perfect light emerald green skin even when ripe, this tender textured tomato is sweet with a hint of spiciness. With seductive curves, the fruit grows up to 400g making it a perfect choice amongst leading restaurant chefs and home chefs alike.


Blush Crush

As sweet as it sounds, our Blush Crush tomato is nectarous to taste and has a juicy texture that just melts in your mouth. With a blushing pink ribbed skin and flesh, this 300g variety is the perfect accompaniment to long summer days.


Indigo Desire

Begin a love affair with these extraordinary beauties. An eye-catcher to say the least, the Indigo Crush variety is adorned with a deep matte black at the crest revealing hues of apricot, orange and lime underneath.


Bronze Goddess

Slicing and dicing has never looked so good with this variety of ribbed heirloom with tints of bronze on its skin. Weighing in at 200-300g, this variety will make any recipe a hero. With a woody flavour and modern aesthetic, the Bronze Goddess will take your cuisine from predictable to electrifying.


The Godfather

This is an heirloom you can’t refuse, and any dish is best served with The Godfather. Descending from our Italian Mafia friends, this bright red, large 300g ribbed variety certainly makes you sit up and take notice. Juicy and full of flavour, these are just what The Don ordered.


Midas Touch

Strike gold with these golden heirlooms. With a texture that is soft and a flavour that is sweet, these large globe-shaped tomatoes taste just what you’d imagine devouring a golden sunny day would taste like. Weighing in at 250-280g these heirlooms will turn any dish to gold.


Mad About Noir

One of our favourite varieties, the flavour profile of Mad About Noir conjures memories of real old-time tomatoes whilst exhibiting a wildly beautiful deep red skin with hints of purple and black at its crest. Averaging 200-250g in size, you’ll be fanatical about these beauties just as much as we are.